If you see eye-to-eye with The Code of a Scientologist, Credo of a True Group Member, and the Creed of the Church, kindly remember…

If you see eye-to-eye with The Code of a Scientologist, Credo of a True Group Member, and the Creed of the Church, kindly remember this From the Church’s Creed:

“We of the Church believe…

That all men {people} have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others and, that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.”

Freedom of Speech

“Never give or receive communication unless you yourself desire it.” — from the “Code of Honor” written by L. Ron Hubbard

Corollary (my understanding) that aligns with the Science of Survival concept of NOT enforcing or inhibiting communication:

Never fail to give or receive communication unless you yourself desire to as in: “No agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.” — from the Creed of the CoS

Now, that’s Scientology!

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A Note on Spirit of Play

I have come to believe that it is exceedingly difficult if not improbable — technically, financially, and in the spirit of Ron’s My Philosophy, What Is Greatness and in a spirit of play  — for those of us who choose to practice Scientology to go up the spiritual Bridge, within the Church of Scientology as it is currently constituted. The specifics of that general statement are detailed in the posts of this blog.

Note from Theta Networker

I feel Spirit of Play to be a lighthearted un-seriousness or insouciance — in contrast to going through one’s life journey, perhaps out of anxiety or fear,  believing … saying … acting … in an apathetic, down in the mouth spirit or attitude akin to  “What are ya gonna do” … “Ah, ya can’t fight city hall.”

God bless

Against Ron’s Will: Remote Viewers Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann and The Hijacking of Scientology by US Intelligence Agencies

Remote Viewers Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann are both mentioned by Russell Targ / he of “Limitless Mind — A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness” which I’ve been reading this week [with no note of their being Scientologists]… Russell mentioned Hal as being along with him, when asked by police in California, to help locate the kidnapers of Patty Hearst… and I found this web site when searching for more data on the successful use of remote viewing in the search for her…

A timeline of Remote Viewing, L. Ron Hubbard, Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann, SRI (Stanford Research Institute), the NSA and the CIA: From a Well-researched Scientology / Remote Viewing Timeline (with not a single mention of / or allusion to David Miscavige or how he fits — perhaps as a “puppet” or “front man” — into all of this) many thanks to http://www.wanttoknow.info/mind_…/scientology_remote_viewing ~ each item cited in this timeline is thoroughly referenced / with footnotes on the Want To Know web site.

“In a nutshell, this research suggests that ***U.S. intelligence agencies recognized the power and potential of L. Ron Hubbard’s work early on 🙂 They initially tried to work with Hubbard and Scientology to forward their secret agendas. When it eventually became clear that Hubbard would not cooperate, and in fact did his best to thwart these efforts an intensive infiltration of Scientology was begun that gradually, yet dramatically changed the course of Scientology, such that it eventually diverted far from its original goals***…

“Important Note: Scientology has raised a lot of controversy over the years. We acknowledge the many who have had their lives transformed in a powerful way by this religion. Yet others, including a few of the church’s top officials, have left Scientology after many years strongly disillusioned. We do not take a stand on this, yet we have found that Scientology has played an important hidden role in the history of our planet. The very well researched document with many footnotes below answers many of the previously unanswered questions that had been raised on Scientology and its intriguing connection to remote viewing.”

Monday, 14 June 1965

L. Ron Hubbard issues “Politics, Freedom From” in Executive Directive form, declaring Scientology to be “nonpolitical and non-ideological,” and declaring it “free of any political connection or allegiance of any kind whatever.” He says the reason for the declaration is the continuing efforts of the U.S. government “to seize Scientology in the United States.” In closing he says: “Scientologists may be members of any political group on this planet without restraint only so long as these individuals or that group do not attempt to seize Scientology for their own warlike ends and so make it unworkable or distasteful by invidious connection.”

Tuesday, 29 June 1965
L. Ron Hubbard tells a group of Scientology students in a lecture at St. Hill in England that he has recently returned from Washington D.C. where IRS and factions of the U.S. government have been “trying to seize Scientology in the United States,” and that he has told them an emphatic “no.”

July 1965
Hunt and Hubbard in Spain
E. Howard Hunt converts from “CIA employee” to “CIA contract status” and is sent by Richard Helms on a secret mission to Madrid, Spain. The Canary Islands, where L. Ron Hubbard has recently begun to establish a base for upper level Scientology research, is a province of Spain at the time.

In a meeting with CIA’s William Colby it is arranged that Daniel Ellsberg will be traveling to Vietnam with E. Howard Hunt’s long-time associate, CIA’s Lucien Conein, on a team headed up by 20-year CIA veteran Edward Lansdale [often misspelled as Edward Landsdale].

Tuesday, 28 December 1965
L. Ron Hubbard issues a Scientology policy letter that forbids anyone connected to a “Suppressive Group” from being allowed onto the confidential Scientology upper levels unless and until the group is permanently disbanded. “Suppressive Groups” are defined as those that “seek to destroy Scientology” or specialize in “injuring or killing people or damaging their cases,” or that “advocate the suppression of Mankind.” They include “police spy organizations and government spy organizations” such as the CIA, IRS, FBI, National Security Agency (NSA), Department of Justice (DOJ), “or any other federal agency in any country.”

Wednesday, 2 February 1966
CIA’s Cleve Backster plagiarises plant response testing, giving CIA their own data set for experiments done years earlier by Hubbard that he would never share with an intelligence agency

CIA contractor Cleve Backster connects plants to polygraphs and gets reactions on the machines when the plants are threatened or harmed. [NOTE: These are almost identical to plant experiments done by L. Ron Hubbard over six years earlier using the Scientology E-meter. See 18 December 1959.]

January 1971
NSA’s Harold “Hal” Puthoff, one of fewer than 3,000 Scientology “Clears” in the world in 1971, has joined the ranks of a much smaller number of OT VIIs.

NSA’s Hal Puthoff somehow has gotten past L. Ron Hubbard’s prohibitions against government spy agency personnel being allowed access to upper-level Scientology, and has progressed up the Scientology levels to the recently-released OT VII—the highest level available. He writes a success story for a Scientology publication about having completed OT VII, saying that on a weekend he had stood outside a locked building and remotely viewed information he wanted from a building directory that he couldn’t physically read from the doorway, then verified later, when the building was open, that what he had viewed remotely had been accurate. [NOTE: According to Scientology’s The Auditor magazine, Special Issue March 1971, by that date there are only 2,773 Scientology “Clears” in the world. Being Clear is a prerequisite to the OT Levels. Even if 10% had gone all the way up through the higher levels by this date, Puthoff would be among only about 300 OT VIIs in the world.]

Early August 1971
Green Beret and Vietnam veteran Paul Preston is aboard the Flagship Apollo in the Mediterranean, where L. Ron Hubbard is living. [NOTE: Less than a year later, Hubbard disappears, and some sources say Preston is with Hubbard at the time of the disappearance as a “bodyguard.” See 28 May 1972.]

Thursday, 12 August 1971
L. Ron Hubbard issues a policy letter called “Advanced Courses” that makes access to all the confidential upper levels of Scientology available by invitation only, to be based largely on ethics record in Scientology and security of materials.

Sunday, 12 September 1971
OT VII Ingo Swann visits Cleve Backster’s lab and polygraph school in New York city where Swann is asked to think thoughts of harming a plant that Backster has connected up to what Swann says was “a polygraph.” Swann thinks of lighting a match with the intent of burning one of the plant’s leaves, and there is an immediate and violent reaction. With repetitions, the reaction diminishes, and the conclusion OT VII Ingo Swann is drawn {to is} that not only is the plant capable of detecting harmful thought, but can “learn” to differentiate between true and artificial intent. The thought directed at the plant is changed to one of putting acid in its pot, with the same curve of results.

Wednesday, 15 September 1971
A “Master File” of cables (telexes) disappears from the External Comm Bureau of the Scientology Flagship Apollo. The file contains all cables related to the administration of Scientology worldwide from 22 August 1971 to 15 September 1971. In the External Comm Bureau at the time is John McLean. Also aboard he ship is Green Beret Paul Preston, doing a service called “Word Clearing Method 1.”

Sunday, 10 October 1971
Cleve Backster writes and circulates a small report entitled “Psychokinetic Effects on Small Samples of Graphite,” detailing the repeatable experiments that he has conducted with OT VII Ingo Swann. Backster tells Swann, “Boy, are the guys down at the CIA going to be interested in you.”

Sunday 3 December 1972
L. Ron Hubbard purportedly “goes into hiding” in New York in the company of Green Beret Paul Preston.

Scientology OT VIIs Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann, now under contract with CIA, “run into” Scientology OT III Pat Price, who purportedly is selling Christmas trees at a lot in Mountain View, California—close to SRI. Puthoff is reported to “have met” Price “several years earlier” at a lecture in Los Angeles. [NOTE: Los Angeles is the location of Scientology’s Advance Organization Los Angeles (AOLA), the only place in the U.S. at the time where the OT Levels are delivered.]

Tuesday, 5 February 1974

Hal Puthoff is contacted by the Berkeley police, requesting psychic assistance in the investigation into the disappearance of Patty Hearst. That afternoon, Puthoff and Pat Price meet with the police at Patty Hearst’s apartment, where Price says it is not a kidnapping for money, but for political reasons.

Pat Price, a Scientology OT III involved in the secret CIA remote viewing program, is called in to help on the Patty Hearst kidnapping
They go down to the police station, where Price picks out three photos from mug books, and associates the word “Lobo” (spanish for “wolf”) with one of the men he has selected. (All three men Price picked are later confirmed to be members of the “Symbionese Liberation Army,” which has kidnapped Hearst. The man with the “lobo” association turns out to be William Wolfe, a.k.a. “Willie the Wolf.”)

Saturday, 17 August 1974
Ingo Swann gives a lecture to about 250 Scientologists at Laurel Springs Ranch in Santa Barbara, California: “What has Scientology got to do with Psychic Research?” Its topics include, “What is a Spirit? Its Potentials, and How Scientology provides a workable way for anyone to know the answers for himself.” Swann has flown in from New York for the lecture—where Swann secretly has been training CIA personnel in Scientology-based remote viewing.[104]

Around this time, Ingo Swann purportedly leaves Scientology: “I exited Scientology of my free will in 1975 and under reasonably amicable circumstances.” [NOTE: Unfortunately, Swann’s claim is simply a lie. In August 1977 (see) he is one of the speakers listed for Scientology’s “International Prayer Day,” and in April 1979 (see) he is listed in a Scientology publication as having completed a service called “New Era Dianetics for OTs”.]

Around the same time, FCDC expands its FOIA action against NSA to include all references to L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology.

Around the same time, Meade Emory is appointed as Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS, Donald C. Alexander. [NOTE: During Emory’s tenure, a clerk typist named Gerald Wolfe will be hired at IRS despite a hiring freeze. Wolfe will begin feeding stolen documents to Scientology’s Guardian Office, which later will be raided by FBI. The Guardian Office principles, including Mary Sue Hubbard, will be sent to jail. In the aftermath, Meade Emory engineers L. Ron Hubbard’s probate, restructures all of Scientology, and becomes one of the Founders of Church of Spiritual Technology, the ultimate beneficiary of L. Ron Hubbard’s estate.]

Thursday, 28 October 1976
Diana, Quentin, Suzette, and Arthur Hubbard {were} at the Human Rights Prayer Day event in Los Angeles just a little over two months before Quentin is found in Las Vegas in a coma from which he never recovers

Quentin Hubbard, son of L. Ron Hubbard, is found in a coma in a car parked near McCarren airport in Las Vegas, Nevada without any identification on him. He never comes out of the coma and dies just over two weeks later, still unidentified. Clark County Medical Examiner Sheldon Green determines the cause of death to be carbon monoxide poisoning, but says the “mode and manner” of death are unknown. Although ultimately able to identify Quentin through automobile records, the effort isn’t made until after he has died. Autopsy reveals evidence of staph, and an angiogram had revealed a “possible cerebral abscess.” [NOTE: A little over a year later, Yvonne (Gillham) Jentzsch will die mysteriously, first diagnosed as having a staph infection, but with cause of death later being attributed to “a brain tumor.”]

Monday, 31 January 1977
As Director of CIA, George H.W. Bush is over CIA’s remote viewing program while the Guardian Office is suing CIA for FOIA documents

Scientology’s FCDC files a suit against the Director of CIA and others, No. 77-0175. The suit alleges that Scientology has been the subject of a government-wide conspiracy to destroy a religion. It claims that the church’s constitutional and statutory rights have been violated in that the government agencies have improperly maintained and disseminated information; harassed, observed, and infiltrated the organization; “blacklisted” members; and subjected the organizations to discriminatory tax audits. Defendants include the Director of the FBI, the Attorney General of the United States, the Director of the CIA, the Secretary of the Treasury, the Chief of the National Central Bureau of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL); the Director of NSA; the Secretary of the Army; and the Postmaster General of the Postal Service. The United States is also named as a defendant. [NOTE: George H.W. Bush leaves as Director of CIA at almost the same time this case is filed. This suit, as all the other Scientology FOIA cases, is being handled by Scientology’s Guardian Office, run by Mary Sue Hubbard. Just over six months after this suit is filed, the Guardian Office is raided by the FBI and all of its senior members are charged with stealing IRS and other government agency documents. They will be sentenced to jail terms. In the aftermath, IRS’s Meade Emory will tear down the entire Scientology corporate structure and rebuild it, but Meade Emory’s work will be in secret, and the restructuring will be publicly attributed to L. Ron Hubbard, whose whereabouts are unknown the entire time.]

Friday, 8 July 1977
The FBI launches simultaneous early morning raids on three Guardian Office locations: two in Los Angeles, one in Washington, D.C.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, using chain-saws and axes, mounts three simultaneous early morning raids of Scientology Guardian Office facilities on opposite coasts: the Cedars complex and Fifield Manor in California, and the Washington, D.C. (FCDC) office 06:00 hours Pacific time. At the time of these raids, the Guardian Office is managing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suits against the Directors of CIA and the FBI, plus the CIA itself, the National Security Agency (NSA), the Department of Defense, Army Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, the Treasury Department (including IRS), INTERPOL, and the Attorney General of the United States. [NOTE: The senior Guardian Office (GO) personnel will be sent to jail as a result of the raid, with the GO soon being disestablished altogether. Control over the other Scientology FOIA actions is severely compromised, and all are ultimately lost on grounds of “national security.” Soon after, Meade Emory begins restructuring Scientology to have the ownership and control of the materials put under three non-Scientologist tax and probate attorneys. See 28 May 1982.]

The CIA has appropriated Scientology Advanced Technology via the use of Scientology OTs who have developed “remote-viewing” techniques, and who have trained CIA personnel. The CIA has a super-secret remote-viewing installation now set up, which has been joined to the U.S. Army Intelligence Agency’s merger with the Army Security Agency to form the all-in-one “Intelligence and Security Command” (INSCOM). Under INSCOM, a major and super-secret remote-viewing program is being established at Fort Meade. It has been described thus: “The…researchers, in rivalry with their Soviet counterparts, were attempting nothing less than the development of the perfect spies, human beings who, undetectably and at almost zero cost, could spy upon the most remote, sensitive, and heavily guarded locations.” The program has gone under the code name SCANATE (for “SCAN by coordiNATE”), but soon will become Project GRILLFLAME, and evolve into Project STAR GATE. The CIA, NSA, and the Defense Intelligence agencies are all fighting the Guardian Office FOIA actions, largely on the grounds of “national security” (although other justifications are thrown in for window dressing). Even Congress, other than the oversight committee, does not know about these secret intelligence projects utilizing Scientology and Scientologists.

Tuesday, 17 January 1978
Founder of Celebrity Centre Yvonne (Gillham) Jentzsch dies under mysterious circumstances with similarities to medical findings in Quentin Hubbard’s untimely death (Portrait by William Shirley)

Yvonne (Gillham) Jentzsch, who founded Celebrity Centre and has been closely connected to Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann, dies at the Scientology Flag Land Base in Florida. There is a good deal of mystery surrounding her death. She had gone to Flag to be handled for a staph infection that had started in a leg, but then her death is reported as having been from a brain tumor.

May 1978

The SRI remote-viewing team is called upon to rapidly try and locate, with remote viewing, a downed Soviet Tupolev-22 bomber that had been configured for gathering electronic and photographic intelligence, and had gone down in the jungles the day before somewhere in Zaire. The task is given to two remote-viewers: Gary Langford at SRI (under Scientology OT VII Hal Puthoff), and a woman named Frances Bryan at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Both produce sketches of a river, which get matched to maps of the general area where the plane is thought to have been. A cabled summary of their results goes to the CIA station chief in Kinshasa, but the co-ordinates are over 70 miles from where the local CIA team believe the plane has gone down. The wreckage of the plane is soon found less than three miles from where the remote-viewers had pin-pointed it. CIA Director Stansfield Turner briefs President Jimmy Carter on the successful operation and recovery. [NOTE: Seventeen years later, Carter briefly describes this incident during a speech at a college, even though the entire program is still top secret at the time.]

Monday, 5 March 1979
Jupiter is discovered to have rings

OT VII Hal Puthoff receives a call from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at La Canada, California. Raw data is coming in from the space probe Voyager 1, which is approaching Jupiter. JPL scientists have been completely surprised to discover that there is a ring around Jupiter. Puthoff’s remote-viewing associate at SRI, OT VII Ingo Swann, had, on 27 April 1973 [see]–nearly six years earlier–remote-viewed Jupiter and had described and sketched just such a ring around the planet. Swann’s results regarding Jupiter had been laughed off at the time.

April 1979

OT VII Ingo Swann is listed in Scientology’s Source magazine issue 20 as having completed New Era Dianetics for OTs.

Despite strict Scientology policies against it,
Ingo Swann, while working for the CIA, is still
doing upper-level Scientology services—even though
Swann later claims he left Scientology “in 1975.”

Sunday, 15 April 1979

OT VII Hal Puthoff issues an SRI Internal Report, “Feasibility Study on the Vulnerability of the MPS System to RV [Remote Viewing] Detection Techniques.” [NOTE: MPS = Mapping, Chart, and Graphics Production System of the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA)]

July 1979

Hella Hammid, a remote viewer working in the CIA-initiated program at SRI under OT VIIs Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann, successfully describes microscopic picture targets as small as one millimeter square in an experimental series, and also correctly identifies a silver pin and a spool of thread inside an aluminum film can.

September 1979

The GRILL FLAME remote viewing headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland is an outgrowth of the Scientology-based CIA-initiated remote viewing studies conducted at SRI by Scientology OT VIIs Hal Puthoff—who is Director of the SRI facility—and Ingo Swann. The Fort Meade unit is housed in two single-story wooden structures numbered 2560 and 2561. Fort Meade is a base for the National Security Agency (NSA) and part of the Army’s Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), under which GRILL FLAME is officially established. GRILL FLAME takes its orders from the Pentagon’s Office of the Army’s Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, and its tasking originates from CIA, DIA, and the President’s National Security Council (NSC). Only a few dozen officials in the intelligence community have been briefed on the existence of GRILL FLAME. “Access is limited,” an Army memorandum of the time notes, “to those personnel approved on a ‘by name’ basis.”

Joseph McMoneagle is a consultant for the SRI remote viewing labs OT VII Hal Puthoff is Director, and where OT VII Ingo Swann trains government remote viewers. McMoneagle is being assigned numerous remote viewing tasks, for which he will later be granted a Legion of Merit award for excellence in intelligence service. *U.S. Intelligence agencies have become aware that the Russians have built the largest building under a single roof in the world. No one in the agencies, however, knows what is going on inside. The President’s National Security Council staff orders INSCOM to have remote viewers see what they can determine about it. One of INSCOM’s better remote-viewers, Joseph McMoneagle (a consultant with OT VII Hal Puthoff) reports, after his remote viewing of the facility, that a very large, new submarine with 18-20 missile launch tubes and a “large flat area” at the aft end will be launched in 100 days. Two Soviet subs, one with 24 launch tubes, and the other with 20 launch tubes and a large flat aft deck, are sighted 120 days later. These are new Soviet “Typhoon”-class submarines—the largest in the world.

Friday, 23 November 1979

The Joint Chiefs of Staff issue orders for Scientology-trained government remote-viewing personnel to begin providing information on the location and condition of the Iranian hostages. [NOTE: A total of 206 remote-viewing sessions are ultimately devoted to the Iranian hostage crisis.]

1980s to Present

Friday, 28 May 1982

On the tenth anniversary of the purported Watergate first break-in, a corporation called Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), doing business as the “L. Ron Hubbard Library,” is created that controls all of L. Ron Hubbard’s intellectual property, including all research and materials of Scientology, including the OT Levels. Three non-Scientology lawyers create the corporation and appoint themselves for life as its “Special Directors,” vesting in themselves ultimate control over the corporation and all of the intellectual properties. The corporation has been created as part of a Scientology “restructuring” engineered by a former Assistant to Commissioner of IRS, Meade Emory.

Circa July 1982

OT VII Ingo Swann, under the direction of OT VII Harold Puthoff, head of the Remote Viewing Laboratory at SRI, is training remote viewers for the the Army. According to Major Ed Dames, he and five others are sent to be trained by Swann, purportedly in a “new model” of remote viewing. [NOTE: Ed Dames has been documented as lying publicly about the involvement of Scientology and of OT VIIs Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann in the genesis of remote viewing, and reasonably is viewed as a primary source of CIA disinformation and phony “technology” related to the subject. See CST and the CIA.]

Tuesday, 16 July 1984

A press release promises construction in Los Angeles of an $8 million “L. Ron Hubbard Library” where the original works of Hubbard “will be made readily accessible” to all. The release goes on to say that “until construction of the library,” all the original manuscripts and tapes have been buried “in a series of underground vaults in half a dozen separate, but undisclosed locations.” [NOTE: No such library ever was built. The original works still remain buried in one or more underground vaults, of which only three have ever been identified. Also, the release omits any mention of the Meade Emory-created CST, which controls all the works, or of the fact that it is doing business at the time of the release under the exact name as the promised library (see 28 May 1982).]

Monday, 24 August 1992
CST trades land with an underground vault to U.S. government at a major loss, including millions of dollars invested in building the vault. The land CST takes in trade is valued at only a little over $28,000.

The Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), which had been set up by a former Assistant to the Commissioner if IRS, Meade Emory, to control all of L. Ron Hubbard’s works, makes a land swap with the U.S. government, giving the federal government one of the vaults it has constructed—the Trementina Base in New Mexico, and all the developments on it—in exchange for a like-sized but much cheaper piece of public and undeveloped land nearby. There is no accounting for the contents of the vault traded to the U.S. government. [NOTE: See Trementina Base for full coverage.]

Friday, 1 October 1993

Just over a year after the land swap (see 24 August 1992), the U.S. government restores tax exemption to Scientology. [NOTE: See 1967 for date of revocation.]

The “Church of Spiritual Technology” owns all of Hubbard’s works, and has buried the originals in one or more underground vaults—then traded one of the vaults to the U.S. government, contents unknown.

Wednesday, 6 September 1995

Ordered to declassify certain information about remote viewing, the CIA has its public relations office issue the following: “As mandated by Congress, CIA is reviewing available information and past research programs concerning parapsychological phenomena, mainly ‘Remote Viewing’ to determine whether they might have any utility for intelligence collection. CIA sponsored research on this subject in the 1970s. At that time, the program, always considered speculative and controversial, was determined to be unpromising.”

June 1998

Remote viewer Joe McMoneagle says in an interview about CIA’s remote viewing programs: “Probably less than two percent of the information pertinent to the program has been released; certainly almost none of the operational data. A great deal of the research data is still classified as well.”


As is well and thoroughly covered elsewhere, the “Church of Spiritual Technology” (CST) created altered versions of all of Hubbard’s books and materials and began systematically replacing the originals with the altered versions. Even Hubbard taped lectures were edited, sometimes with entire sections removed. Earlier versions of the Hubbard works were collected up and destroyed. The claim was that the new versions were “correcting” the earlier versions.

Around the same time that the Guardian Office was destroyed, copies of what were purported to be the confidential upper materials began to be published in several media sources, first in a small Las Vegas rag called the Las Vegas Review-Journal, later in some broader publication magazines, and even excerpts in the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post–whose Office of Naval Intelligence officer/reporter Bob Woodward told the world what it should be allowed to know about Watergate. No sources have ever been revealed for these purported confidential Scientology materials. Given the proven track of CST altering the works, and the fact that federal agencies had confidential upper-level Scientology materials in their files, there is sound foundation for the belief that the “OT Levels” in circulation are altered forgeries.

CST has made certain that it can never been proven one way or another by burying the original works in underground vaults, at least one of which they traded into the possession and control of the U.S. federal government on 24 August 1992.

In a nutshell, this research suggests that ***U.S. intelligence agencies recognized the power and potential of L. Ron Hubbard’s work early on. They initially tried to work with Hubbard and Scientology to forward their secret agendas. When it eventually became clear that Hubbard would not cooperate, and in fact did his best to thwart these efforts, an intensive infiltration of Scientology was begun that gradually, yet dramatically changed the course of Scientology, such that it eventually diverted far from its original goals***


Al Krieger's photo.

Al Krieger's photo.
Al Krieger's photo.

How Does a Battered Scientologist Heal and Evolve?

“Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back” ought NOT have to be, so often, applied within a group that one belongs to and loves … If it does … that’s an indicator of need for reform within that organization / those organizations.

Can One Release “Free Theta {Life Force}” in the CoS?

The battered Scientologist has extreme difficulty getting out of the vicious cycle of “It-Could-Happen-Again” vs. “I-Have-No-Spritual-Future-Without-the-CoS.” Note: “It” may be such as the use of “Ethics” to instill FEAR of denial of the benefits of receiving the fruits of Scientology … sometimes in the form of a (wrongful) Declare and Expulsion from the so-called church or a Non-Enturbulation order threatening such … all of which, really, is the Scientology analog to being sent to “hell.”

“Chew on it”

Isn’t that what any of us have done at some time in our lives, even if just momentarily, when we have felt a conflict between What we Feel in our Gut / Heart vs. our Brain / Head?

The Most Devastating Battering Is Not Physical

Ref: http://www.peaceandhealing.com/psychology/battered-woman-syndrome/

There is a continuum of severity. When a person is consistently emotionally and or physically abused they are battered. It DOES NOT consist of or necessarily include (obvious) commission of physical violence.

All that DM or those Sea Org {“upper echelon” staff who wear naval-looking uniforms} or staff members who push “unreasonableness” are doing is in the spirit of “we’d rather have you dead than incapable” put there from the get-go, by LRH in “Keeping Scientology Working”: in essence, that Scientology is more precious than life itself and that justifies “never giving” you — “the public individual — a choice.”

True Believers

By no means do the manifestations discussed here occur only among CoS Scientologists. Practitioners of ANY religious order or organization … including some within (so-called) Christianity … are subject to such pressures in violation of their “sacred right to choose” and to walk their own paths to spiritual enlightenment … including evolving or discovering their own relationship with the Universal Consciousness or to God, Jesus or the Holy spirit if they choose to.

So … How DOES a Battered Scientologist Heal and Evolve?

Step Number One — quite possibly the most difficult; Find out — or realize — that you ARE. And, yes, that should evoke within you the urge to apply the formula of the condition of Treason [to yourself] if you choose to recover … And: This may certainly include your freedom / choice to use the SUBJECT of Scientology in its purity — without the phenomena of brow-beating or money-grubbing. Ron, when not in his “shadow side,” sometimes with the help of others such as Alan Larson, the likely developer of the concept of “by-passed charge {emotional charge from past traumatic incidents re-stimulated but not noticed},” did evolve some material that IS indeed precious … life enhancing … and very much in an enlightened tradition of helping spirit-beings to evolve …

Assists for Illnesses or Injuries for Anyone who Likes to Help Others be Well and Happy

Assists for Illnesses or Injuries

I put this forth the 6 1/2-minute video at http://course.volunteerministers.org/courses/assists/start.html in the spirit of L. Ron Hubbard’s original teachings of the subject of Scientology, as wisdom “meant for anyone who wishes to reach for it” … as he said in “My Philosophy” http://www.ronthephilosopher.org/phlspher/page83.htm

Helping One To Use Their Own Healing Energy

As one who has both received and given many of these Assists to healing over the years … I can say that they work in the realm of helping one to use her or his own healing energy and are quite helpful … sometimes life-saving   …  and well worth learning …

(There have been multiple re-issuings, by the mainstream organizations of Scientology, of the subject’s original materials in the almost 30 years  since Ron Hubbard’s 1986 death … The issues I have with that / the whys and wherefores is thoroughly discussed within other posts on this blog and on web sites such as http://www.friendsoflrh.org/ whose purpose is the preservation of the {workable / useful parts of the}  “technology” put forth, developed and evolved under the aegis of Ron.)

A Note on Spirit of Play

I have come to believe that it is exceedingly difficult if not improbable — technically, financially, and in the spirit of Ron’s My Philosophy, What Is Greatness and in a spirit of play  — for those of us who choose to practice Scientology to go up the spiritual Bridge, within the Church of Scientology as it is currently constituted. The specifics of that general statement are detailed in the posts of this blog.

Note from Theta Networker

I feel Spirit of Play to be a lighthearted un-seriousness or insouciance — in contrast to going through one’s life journey, perhaps out of anxiety or fear,  believing … saying … acting … in an apathetic, down in the mouth spirit or attitude akin to  “What are ya gonna do” … “Ah, ya can’t fight city hall.”

God bless

Be open to the truth in ALL things and your energy will, automatically, reveal any lies within

Out of fear, people often denounce or reject that which they do not understand due to it going against a belief program they may have adopted unknowingly.

Be open to the truth in ALL things and your energy will, automatically, reveal any lies within.

Expecting only lies creates a lower energy frequency within you, full of Judgment, that turns a blind eye and deaf ear to the possibility of truth or some degree of truth …

Dianetics Jingles: If motion from you flows, the world glows

Anyone who is wacky enough to say “If you want things in delirium, just get serium,” is OK in my book 🙂 This is from an unnamed admirer of Geocities, and posted in the public interest.


Anything you can take, you can make.
Anything you can see, you can be.
Anything you shun will have won.
Anything you have done you can do.

Anything that is work is a shirk.
Anything you desire means expire.
If you ever need bait just create.
If a motion comes in, use and win.

If a motion you won’t use you will lose.
If all motion comes in, that’s a sin.
If motion from you flows, the world glows.
If beauty you desire, beauty transpire.
If tone tends toward spin, you’re taking motion in.
If tone is to soar, create even more.
If you don’t want the real, always steal.
If you want the whole sky, never buy.

If you don’t want remorse, just be source.
If you don’t want to see, with all motion agree.
If you want to be tall, just be all.
If you ever repent, you are spent.

If you act in today, you keep morrow away.
If you act in the past, you won’t last.
If you have to be liked, you are spiked.
If you choose to agree, you’re a tree.

If you want others’ gain, you’re insane.
If all things you eschew, they are glue.
If your body you’d leave, don’t believe.
The way out of MEST ain’t detest.

If you’d soar to the blue, just go through.
If all things you would flee, these you’ll be.
If you want to destroy, just annoy.
If you just want to heal, make him real.

All the things that come in are a sin.
Whatever is cause , to it everything draws.
Whatever is wrecked was effect.
If high tones shun the low, the suns brighter glow.

When a high tone fights entheta, he comes in very later.
Entheta is just matter kicking up a final splatter.
If your MEST is in disorder, your case is on the border.
If your MEST is in good shape, you haven’t time to hate.

If all things you would create, you’d better be in time and date.
If through other’s thoughts you plow, you will come at last to now.
If you don’t want to be attacked don’t draw back.
If all evil you’d burn down simply up and build a town.

There is no trick to being unless you spend your time agreeing.
If you don’t have a datum, create ’em.
The only unknowns are in other men’s domes.
The real universe is a hearse.

The right way to be is to be.
When aesthetics are sex, there’ve been wrecks.
If you want to be pure don’t endure.
If you want to last just move fast.

If all things you’d deserve, don’t preserve.
If the world’s all your brother, you’re just another.
Those who gave us mystic were sadistic.
No wise man should stammer because another shuns his grammar.

Don’t ever go down scale, because MEST won’t get up & cheer & hail!
If you would overrate, just let it make you rate.
The bottom of disease is anxiety to please.
You can blame your whole confusion on the fact you bought illusion.

The always last sung song, “I was wrong.”
You’ll never climb a steeple if you worry about people.
If all misery is bested, you’ve the universe invested.
Just because it made you fall doesn’t prove that it is all.
If you get caught in the middle it’s because you’ve bought a riddle.

If you want things in delirium, just get serium.
If the engrams you’d keep in, study hard to know of sin.
If you want an empty larder, tell yourself you must work harder.
If your vision is all blurry, you’ve bought another’s worry.

If you want to be in chains, let some other buy your brains.
If from another’s grace you’d fall, just pretend that you aren’t all.
If you find yourself well under, it’s because you define blunder.
The entire source of pain is an effort to abstain.

A calm and peaceful mind has refused to put trouble behind.
A really sharp obsession is from lack of self-confession.
If you really want to let it, forget it.
If you want to get real tragic, forget it was just magic.

If you really want the stutters, respect the rights of others.
If you want to be tearful, be careful.
The upset of tradition is the way to eat roast pigeon.
The craving for a drink is creation of a brink.

The desire to be hugged is a craving to be drugged.
A creeping inhibition is a stable definition.
The only reason some people find ambition is a spike,
is they don’t try to be, they try to be like.
If you’re awfully deject, you’re defect.

Note: Written in 1952, for students at the Hubbard College in Phoenix, Arizona. Ron says “If you can decipher these, you’ll know everything there is to know.”

*Jingles: Words or verses arranged so as to have obvious, easy rhythm and simple repetitions of sound as in some poetry.

Shades Of Book One Dianetics: Woman Survived Grizzly Attack by Playing Dead

In case anyone thought he was just making this stuff up 🙂

In Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health — known to Scientologists as  Book One — in the course of explaining engrams, the Tone Scale and … what might happen to the emotional tone of someone  (a Clear) after receiving an engram,  Ron told “a story” of a hunter surviving an attack by a grizzly, by playing dead.

Look what just happened in May of 2014

Sacramento Woman Survives Bear Attack by Playing Dead …



RTC is not Source of the workable technology of Dianetics and Scientology

The Hat of “Finder of Lost Tech” did not pass to David Miscavige

Your Church is in the News … As it SHOULD Be: Judge: “Leader” Must Testify


God bless you, Monique and Marty for standing tall for so long … I also wish to acknowledge — as they so resonate with me — the Replies of LDW, Jane Doe and The Oracle: NO AWARENESS OF CONSEQUENCES, indeed! I wish to let people know that there are some YouTube videos within the “judge to scientology” post which are brief {10 minutes or less} but which speak volumes regarding {the necessity for} the legal proceedings in Texas:


Posted on January 23, 2014 

Here is a balanced and accurate piece of journalism on yesterday’s proceedings in Monique Rathbun vs. David Miscavige, et al.:  The San Antonio Express News {Judge to Scientology: Leader Must Testify in Texas Case}.

The funny thing is, if miscavige were innocent, he could waltz into the courtroom, swear an oath, tell the truth and be done with this whole thing.

If miscavige were innocent, the plaintiff in this case would never have been able to secure such a fine attorney to represent her.

If miscavige were innocent the judge would likely have already thrown out the case for lack of evidence.

If miscavige were innocent he could have 10,000 loyal scientologists outside that little courtroom with signs and banners demanding a fair hearing.

He can’t let his minions anywhere near that courthouse because they would likely learn the truth…

Jane Doe | January 23, 2014 at 8:00 pm

…I was there in the Battle of Portland where we were all rallied and told to drop everything and fly to Portland to protest the case there. We did that and had a huge turnout of Scns all protesting the case. Why doesn’t DM rally his troops for this one? Surely they would be glad to drop everything for their leader? He doesn’t bring the troops to protest because he doesn’t dare let them hear the testimony and learn the ugly truth of what he’s been up to for all these years and how they’ve been duped all these years. If yo were innocent, Davie, wouldn’t you call another Call to Arms and have the faithful descent on Comal County, TX?

The Oracle | January 23, 2014 at 8:33 pm 

Thanks for the reference for a clean, straight up, factual report Marty. My feeling is that anyone with a thread of common sense could see through this, all those power brokers there to stand between Monique and the truth? And a new one to intimidate the Judge? It becomes curious er and curios er! Noisier and noisier! Louder and more bizarre with each meeting! I believe there is some element to David Miscavige’s nature that causes him to wallow in this kind of fame and attention at whatever expense to his people and fiduciary trusts.

With his sphere of influence (power) down to a few thousand people, (AS he blows them off the bridge and out of the game he blows his own power, because nobody else outside of the Scientology arena cares who he is or what he thinks) this must be something more interesting for him to be dabbling in. Another expensive and time consuming game where a majority in the game can be set up for a loss. He is actually able to pay people to generate conflict and re stimulate others! He takes money others begged for or worked for destimulating others, and converts it into energy to restimulate and set others up for losses!

Further, he is taking a pay check for protecting the Church, while putting it in Danger and causing serious PR flaps planetwide because he has NO AWARENESS OF CONSEQUENCES.

ALL of the out PR right now is a result of him thinking THERE WILL BE NO CONSEQUENCES.

Then he sends in his attorneys to throw the Church under the bus to get attention off himself because HE HAS NO AWARENESS of CONSEQUENCES.

And “Office of Special Affairs” turns out to be a group of people that would rather live on their knees than stand on their feet!

What are they “protecting” anymore? The less than 10K population of “proper” Scientologists? I’ve got news for him, there are more than 10K “improper” Scientologists right now. He has created more enemies than subjects with Scientology. Because he has NO AWARENESS of CONSEQUENCES.